January 13, 2007

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O'Donnell on Technology UPDATE

First of all, let me give my heartfelt thanks to all of you who wrote e-mails in support of the program. In less than one week, I (and the KSFO management) have received over 2,100 unique messages from a very impressive group of individuals supporting the show. I cannot begin to tell you how much that means to me. (For those of you who missed last week's program, you can read about the change in KSFO's Saturday schedule here.)

Unfortunately, KSFO's mandated program change will take place starting today and "O'Donnell on Technology" will no longer be part of the KSFO schedule. However, I have received several interesting offers, which may allow the program to continue at another place and time. In the mean time, I ask you to bookmark my site and check back periodically. Also, please keep those e-mails to me and the local ABC radio management coming, as they are the best tool I have for keeping the program alive.

Once again, I have provided an easy link to KSFO program manager Ken Berry and KGO/KSFO operations manager Jack Swanson by clicking here. (In case the link won't work for you, the addresses are jack.c.swanson@abc.com and ken.r.berry@abc.com. Please cc: me at bob@everythingtechnology.com as well.) You can also leave a message on the KSFO listener comment line at 415-954-7449.

With sincerest thanks,

Bob O'Donnell



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